Clarion Futures – London – June 2018

We were so pleased to be asked to work with Clarion Futures again. This time it was a trip down to London and we would be leading the session.

What struck us about this event was how much of an impact our work had on the participants. It’s fair to say that many of them were a bit daunted when they arrived. This was only the second time the group had met and it was so important that we needed to help these people feel at ease.

The best thing about the workshop is that there is no right or wrong. We provide the crafts but how each person interprets those resources and take it in their own direction, is entirely up to them. There is so much pressure in life to get things right or to conform in a certain way but our morning in London enabled participants to experiment, fiddle, faff and adapt any of the crafts to create something that they were proud of.
The atmosphere created in the workshop is just lovely. There’s a combination of peaceful quietness, chatter, laughter and reflection as everyone makes and creates at their own pace. There’s a real positivity that begins to come through as everyone encourages and compliments each other on their makes.

As the session came to an end and it was ‘tidy up time’ there was a feeling of how quickly the morning had passed by and our display table of creations was just superb. Everyone left with their arms full of the things they had made and were looking forward to their next session together. We really did enjoy working with this group of people and thanks to Clarion Futures for having us back!