The summer holidays are here! And for loads of children around the country this is the BEST TIME EVER! Schools out and it’s all about having fun BUT for many parents, whilst it’s lovely to have time off with the kids, it can also be a real worry about how to keep them entertained and how much money it will all cost! We’ve been there; racking our brains and spending hours online researching what we can do in our local area which doesn’t cost a fortune….and it’s boring going to the same places over and over again!

SO, with the assistance of some little people, who, let’s face it, just tell it exactly how it is, we’ve come up with a list of enough things to do (plus a few extra’s) to keep everyone busy for the whole of August!

Rather than just looking at this list, you (or your children), could write each activity on a piece of paper, fold it up and put it in the ‘summer holiday jar’…each day, pick an idea out of the jar and see what you get! We did this last year and had lots of fun, as you never quite know what you’re going to pull out and it’s fun to add a few unexpected extras in there (especially if you can afford a trip somewhere special that the children don’t know about!)

There are lots of ideas here, which could all easily be adapted in a number of ways. It’s about being creative and not sticking to rules!

Above all this summer, whether you’re a grown up or a child….JUST PLAY!

1. Go for a bike ride
2. Watch bees and butterflies…how many different varieties can you spot!?
3. Watch the clouds…what objects or pictures can you see?
4. Sit by a tree and sing silly songs, or tell rubbish jokes!
5. Make a woodland call
6. Paddle in the river
7. Roll down a hill
8. Make a stick hobby horse and have races…adults love this just as much as kids!
9. Visit a forest
10. Make a natural flag
11. Collect 5 things that make you smile
12. Climb a tree
13. Take a photo of something amazing in nature
14. Count how many different types of trees you can spot
15. Find an unusual pebble or shell on the beach
16. Draw something you spot in the woods
17. Sing as loud as you can!
18. Build a shelter
19. Make a den for a special little friend
20. Tell or re-tell a story
21. Make a journey stick
22. Get grubby!
23. Invent a magic potion from things you find on the forest floor
24. Lead a friend to a tree with their eyes closed!
25. Learn to tie a clove hitch knot
26. Have a snooze under a tree
27. Go for a picnic
28. Create and join in on a scavenger hunt
30. Camp in the back garden
31. Make your own garden maze
32. Hold a mini Olympics
33. Make some woodland puppets and perform a show
34. Play pooh sticks
35. Create some natural art
36. Decorate a stone with a picture, pattern or message