During our time helping at Wild Play, both of us – Alfie and Mollie – have witnessed some unforgettable reactions and moments from the amazing children. Joy in the air as new friendships were being built; watering mouths as the eager children stared down at the campfire food and finally pride as they walked home with bags full of treasures that that they had either made or found during their stay.

All of the children that have strolled into the woods with us in the past 6 weeks have enjoyed the amazing activities they have participated in such as learning new skills, playing games and having plenty of fun!

A favourite of ours is ‘1, 2, 3 where are you?’ It is similar to ‘Hide and Seek’. The children loved calling back ‘1, 2, 3 I am over here!’ to help Denise and Heidi find them. We also loved helping the younger children to hide in some really good places!

All of the craft activities have been popular, especially pebble painting. From every Explorers, some children go home with outstanding artwork decorated onto pebbles. Sometimes they create so many stones they need help carrying them to their parents!

Our awesome Explorers have found the discovery and adventure in our 2 woodlands (Haughley and Rougham) very interesting. We have used special equipment to take a look at some amazing finds – especially the bug hunting pots, information sheets and magnifying glasses. We have found some extraordinary creatures e.g. frogs, toads and shield bugs and spiders with really long legs!

On some of our Explorers’ days, we had a campfire and made some yummy treats. The children’s favourite treat was definitely the doughnuts. We helped the children spread the jam for their doughnuts whilst the others watched them sizzle in the pan. Another snack the children loved was the popcorn we cooked. We all listened to the popping sound as it hit the foil bag. Oh and the pancakes were enjoyed by everyone on our final day.

We asked some of the children what they thought about their time at Wild Play Explorers. This was their response:

“It’s amazing, with loads of fun experiences!”

“I’d ABSOLUTELY love to come back again!”

“I really enjoyed toasting marshmallows on the fire and making my own soap”

“I’d like to make even more campfire food!”

We have both loved helping out at Explorers this summer and are looking forward to the October half term specials. Hope to see you there!

Alfie and Mollie