2019 has been a whirlwind year for us and we’ve loved every minute!

They say time flies when you’re having fun and we often get asked if we really do have as much fun as our social media would suggest!…the answer is YES, WE DO!

There have been many highlights of 2019 including expanding the provision that we offer, meeting and working with SO many interesting people from all walks of life and our personal favourites have to be receiving amazing feedback and support from everyone, along with witnessing the impact that our sessions have had on people of ALL ages.

Being selected as a finalist for the Bury Free Press Business Awards was incredibly exciting but to then go on and be announced as the winner of the Best New Start-Up Business 2019 sponsored by Menta, was fantastic! Having our commitment, business growth, vision and impact acknowledged by the judging panel made us feel incredibly proud that our business model is having proven success.

We are humbled by the overwhelming response to the way in which we personally deliver our unique business; our knowledge, experience and attention to detail has been noticed by all sectors that we have worked with.

We often joke that we play with sticks and fire for a living but behind the scenes a huge amount of hard work goes on. We are delighted with our new, updated website co-created with the phenomenal Jemmett Fox Media. We’ve worked with these guys from the very beginning, when Wild Play was just a list of bullet points on a scrappy piece of paper. Their patience, understanding and expertise to help us transform our ideas into reality is incredible.

We have thrived this year on the variety that each day brings, from admin, practical preparation, business consultancy and running our sessions…no two days are ever the same!
Another highlight was receiving our Trade Mark certificate! To see the ® symbol attached to our logo has rubber stamped our commitment to the business. We are extremely grateful to Ward Trade Marks for their support and knowledge in helping us to achieve this. As the year has progressed and as we move into 2020 the protection of our Intellectual Property in terms of design, content and images (whether printed or online) has to be taken seriously. There have been a number of occasions this year when we have seen elements of our business pop up elsewhere. It is always incredibly flattering when we are asked how we established our business and how we deliver the sessions we provide, but we cannot allow others to take advantage of the reputation and content of our business that we have worked so incredibly hard to create.

Being a part of the local Community is an important part of our ethos and it has been a privilege to take part in events such as the Suffolk Show, Bardfest, Suffolk Schools Farm Fair, The Suffolk Trail Running Festival and the Bury St Edmunds Whitsun Fayre, as well as helping to maintain our local woodland.

Through the generosity of local business and individuals, our community came together to raise an incredible £10,000 in support of two local boys undergoing treatment for Leukaemia & Lymphoma. Give Cancer The Boot! is something we were incredibly proud to be a part of. Our sincere thanks to My Wish, Fred Olsen Cruise Lines and GeeWizz for the support and encouragement provided.

We are excited to move towards 2020 and the opportunities that are on the horizon.

We are so grateful for all of the support we have received this year through bookings, recommendations, social media and conversations when out and about….the list goes on. As a small business we literally do the happy dance every time a new booking is made. Those people who repeatedly support our vision, along with those who come along for the first time, you are all invaluable to the success of Wild Play Ltd.

See you in 2020 when we’ll be working with more people to enjoy the health and wellness benefits of being in the great outdoors!

Heidi & Denise
Wild Play Ltd