COVID-19 Policy

This policy aims to keep you up to date with our services, as they currently stand. Updates can be implemented at any time in accordance with Government advice.

The safety and well-being of our customers and staff is our highest priority – please see below for details of how we are working to make our environment as safe as possible.

We will:

• Ensure that there is hot water and soap to wash hands regularly, along with our sanitiser gel and wipes.

• Ensure that our camping toilet is thoroughly disinfected after each use. A new toilet bag will be replaced each time. Only Wild Play Staff will zip the toilet tent and will be wearing gloves. Male participants will still be encouraged to use the Wee Tree.

• The amount of equipment and resources we use will be significantly reduced. Any equipment or resources that we do use will be thoroughly cleaned before, during and after each session.

• Participants are expected to wash their hands/sanitise at the start, during and end of each session and before having a snack.

• We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that social distancing measures are maintained. However, in the case of Explorers and Muddy Hogs, we cannot guarantee that children will not interact with each other. They are children and children need to play.

• We are requesting that ALL participants only attend if they are well enough to do so. This information will be checked again upon arrival to each session.

• If any participant feels unwell, of any nature, during a session, they will go home as soon as possible and all other participants will have the option to do so based upon this information.

• If First Aid treatment is required, we will need to abandon social distancing measures in order to assist with the injury. Gloves and masks will be worn.

We will expect you to:

• Complete the medical form as part of the registration process even if you or your child has child has attended sessions before.

• Only attend sessions if you/your children are well and everyone in your home has been well.

• If your child or ANY member of your household has been in contact with someone who has either tested POSITIVE for COVID-19 or has/is displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days please do not attend Wild Play sessions.

• If anyone in your family has Coronavirus, please do not attend any of our sessions for 2 weeks after you have been given the ‘all clear’.

• Collect your child immediately if they display any symptoms of feeling unwell, of any kind.

• Ensure any hay fever medication, insect repellent; sun cream etc is administered BEFORE arrival as we will not be administering any non-essential treatments.

• Supply your child with sufficient drinks and snacks for the session.

• Arrive and collect your child for each session at the correct time. (A late collection charge is in place –refer to our T’s & C’s)

• Follow the drop off/collection procedures.

• Children should not bring toys from home to any session.

• Only book your child onto an Explorers session if you feel that they can understand what is expected and that sessions will be a bit different to how they were pre – Covid.

We are reviewing our procedures on a regular basis and adapting to any changes that need to be made.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your continued support.

Heidi & Denise

Wild Play Ltd
February 2021

Any questions? Email us at or call us on 07043 219 594 or 07962 080 091