Useful Information For Parents

Wild Play Kit List!

Whatever aspect of Wild Play you are experiencing, the following information is advisable:


Being suitably dressed is really important if you are outside. There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing! There’s nothing worse than being cold and wet so wearing the right clothing makes all the difference! Layers and older clothes are more suitable for woodland experiences.

We suggest…


• warm clothing top and bottom, in layers, so that children can shed/add a layer if needed and still be comfortable;
• hat and gloves
• a waterproof outer layer, top and bottom – waterproof coat and trousers ARE STRONGLY ADVISED. Ensure that waterproofs are named as they often look very similar!
• waterproof shoes/boots in case it is wet/muddy.
• spare socks and a spare jumper
• a carrier bag to put any wet items in.


• layers of light clothing and something warm on top in case it is chilly.
• sun hat
• a waterproof coat. It still rains in the Summer in the UK;
• waterproof shoes/boots in case it is muddy. Trainers are acceptable, as long as they are sturdy. Socks must be worn.
• We recommend light weight trousers/leggings to be worn in the Summer as protection from woodland materials, plants, and of course the sun.

If your child is attending Explorers Holiday Club, we ask that extra clothing items (including waterproofs) are packed in a rucksack, so they can carry it easily.

Food (Explorers Holiday Club)

Take the hassle out of your early morning start and let us keep your child fed and watered throughout the day! Opt for the food option when booking your child’s place.

If you prefer to provide a packed lunch for your child please follow the following recommendations:

Your children will need sufficient food and drink to see them through the day, bearing in mind that they will be outside and active all day:

• drink for the day – please make sure they have enough: we recommend at least a litre of fluid, preferably water. If you send them with juice cartons please also send them with a full water bottle.
• a mid-morning snack (just to keep them going)
• lunch
• a mid-afternoon snack

Food and drink should be named and packed in your child’s rucksack.

Please ensure that you have read and agreed to our Terms & Conditions prior to booking your place at Wild Play


If your child(ren) needs medication then please remember to complete the Medication Form and to bring it with you. It is your responsibility to ensure that we are aware of any relevant medical conditions, and to bring appropriate amounts of any medication required. In particular please make sure that if your child suffers from asthma that they have an inhaler, and if they suffer from anaphylaxis and carry an epipen that they bring TWO epipens with them (this is the minimum number required for safety in the event of an attack).

We will be unable to accept children who do not have sufficient medicine, for their own safety.


We do share the woods with other animals, which is part of the joy of being outside! Mostly we get along fine, but there are a few beasties that can be problematic:

Mosquitos, wasps and bees: usually only an issue in the warmer months. If your child is susceptible to bites or stings then consider applying insect repellent just before they join us. If your child is allergic to wasp or bee stings, ensure that you have completed the Mediation Form as accurately as possible and supplied relevant medication.

Ticks: can be an issue when you are in the woods. Ticks are small parasites that lurk in long grass or ferns and attach themselves to bare skin. If our leaders see a child has a tick they will remove it using a tick key, and inform you on pick up. If you notice a tick on your child, don’t panic, but do remove it carefully as soon as you can. Use a tick key or other device. Ticks can carry Lyme disease and we suggest you seek medical advice if you are concerned.

Toileting (Explorers Holiday Club)

We use an outdoor toilet with a privacy screen, so if you feel it would be helpful to mention this to your child(ren) in advance then please do so (most of them love the adventure of using our outside loo!). There is no option to use a conventional (plumbed) toilet during our sessions as we are in the woodland.

Please be aware that sometimes we have all-female staff.


Whilst we want all children to have fun, we do expect children to behave in a sensible manner. Part of the Wild Play experience is to learn about ‘appropriate risks’. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep each other safe and to protect the woodland environment. If we believe that your child is a risk to themselves or others, we will contact you and ask that your child is collected. Please do talk to us about any issues that you believe we need to be aware of.

Knives & Tools

Children do not need to bring any equipment with them. If our sessions involve tools, we will supply everything needed. Please do not send children with pocket, pen or sheath knives, as they pose a risk to the whole group. Knives will be confiscated by Wild Play staff and returned to parents on pick up. Your child may not be able to attend further sessions.

Late collection (Explorers Holiday Club)

Prompt collection is expected at the end of an Explorers day. A Late Collection charge applies. Please refer to T’s & C’s.

If we need to contact you during the day/session (Explorers Holiday Club)

If your child becomes unwell or there is an emergency situation that you need to be aware of, we will contact you on the number that you have provided. Please ensure that we have correct contact details for you. Please refer to T’s & C’s.

Policies/Procedures are available upon request.

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