My children had some wonderful days with Wild Play Ltd this summer. It absolutely was the turning point in lockdown when they could meet other children and have fun amongst nature. Thank you Heidi, Denise and Phoebe.

Helen B

I don’t know where to start to say how grateful I am to Wild Play. My children were really struggling with lockdown, feeling quite low in mood. When Wild Play opened up sessions to those who couldn’t attend school, we jumped at the opportunity. My girls absolutely turned a corner with the help of Denise and Heidi. They thrived being with other children, and out in nature getting dirty and climbing trees. They have made new friends and felt part of a community. I cannot thank you enough.


Wow what a fabulous summer, I cannot thank you enough for making these strange times better. Everything you’ve done from goody bags, The Big Challenge, getting Explorers back up and running…it’s been truly wonderful and so memorable.

After being stuck in an office with me for 13 weeks, Connie needed something to look forward to. It’s been hard for her, like so many children. It’s been emotional at times and a little bumpy in places. She missed her friends, she missed her school, she missed being able to interact with children her own age.

Spending time at Explorers these past few months has been so good for her. She’s loved making new friends, getting muddy, hunting for frogs and finding a badger (not sure about that one!!). Her sparkle is back and with starting a new school too, I know the time she’s spent with you will help her face this new challenge with no fear and full of confidence.


Thank you so much, our children’s experience with you guys and what you do is amazing. It gives them fun, adventure and positivity which is just what they need in such strange times for all. They felt safe whilst seeing and interacting with others, giving them confidence. We love Wild Play. Thank you.


Well what can we say. A big thumbs up and 5 stars for the ladies at Wild Play. Denise and Heidi really give their all by introducing and nurturing children’s knowledge in all aspects of the outdoors.

Our 6 year old son just loves attending, coming home dirty, tired yet very happy. He chats incessantly about the fun he has had and the new friends he has made. After all that is what it’s all about!

Highly recommended.


Your support has been utterly exceptional on every level. Wild Play has just been the best thing and has helped all of us in so many ways. Your vital work absolutely progresses children emotionally, socially and physically ad they learn so much about nature and the value of being outdoors. On a practical basis, Wild Play has enabled us to take on the opportunity of more work, safe in the knowledge that our children are in the very best environment possible and under the care of such an experienced, capable and truly lovely team.


It’s hard to convey how much Wild Play has meant to our family. Last year, our children had massively enjoyed Wild Play sessions on an ad hoc basis and we felt so incredibly lucky to have it as an option this year, and at a time when school was showing no signs of being able to reopen for our children’s year groups. We felt sure that we could trust the professionalism and bountiful experience of Heidi and Denise. We knew with confidence that they would deliver not only a fun and engaging environment, but also one that would nurture our children as they took their first tentative steps out of lockdown and into the great outdoors…

Heidi and Denise were literally nothing short of outstanding – whether the drop off was easy, difficult or anything in between. They offered gentle, appropriate, helpful and sensitive guidance on those difficult days. We were utterly bowled over by their level of experience and care, as well as their commitment to ensuring that our children felt settled and happy. Likewise, they were empathetic, kind and thoughtful in their approach to us, sending us timely updates to reassure us that, despite a sticky start, within 10 minutes our children were happily playing with others, or busily seeking out minibeasts!

Most importantly, while they missed so much school, Wild Play not only filled the gap but, in addition, gave them an entirely outdoor, free spirited and child-led learning journey, which has been utterly invaluable.

Our children flourished emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually thanks to Wild Play.

We are of the opinion that they will find the transition back to school (after almost six months off) much easier thanks to all the positive experiences, as well as the confidence and independence gained at Wild Play.

While Wild Play is not the cheapest option, here’s why it doesn’t matter – what you gain in return is priceless.



Yet another fantastic party from Heidi & Denise, that’s 3 this year!! Leo had the best time, and it looked like all the other children did too! Thank you so much, it was just perfect.


Clarion Futures Jobs and Training team are delighted to work in partnership with Wild Play to provide creative and inspiring craft workshops as part of our health and wellbeing training offer. The sessions Wild Play have delivered have given our students the opportunity to explore their creativity in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment. Heidi and Denise’s enthusiasm and reassuring professional approach has really encouraged the students to have a go at things they may have never tried before with some amazing results


Clarion Futures

My daughter and I have been attending Muddy Hogs with Heidi & Denise and absolutely love it. The sessions are well planned but also give the children plenty of freedom to follow their own lines of enquiry. It gives us opportunity to get back to nature for an hour which can be tricky to do when life is so busy. My daughter now loves to find and observe mini-beasts and I can see her confidence developing every week. I have noticed how engaged all of the children are and as the children can freely explore they show such calm and positive behaviour. I would definitely recommend Muddy Hogs.


Parent of Nancy, aged 2

My children have been to a number of Wild Play Explorers sessions and absolutely LOVE it!! The first thing I was asked when I picked them up today was when would they be able to go again….always a good sign! It’s so great to leave my children in the hands of such a brilliant team who always make the day fun, whatever the weather. Thank you so much Heidi and Denise! We will be back!


What a fabulous morning..Denise and Heidi. My class loved it! Thank you for visiting


Reception Teacher at Bacton Primary

Thomas and myself have loved our woodland walks with Wild Play. Thomas loves being in his carrier and mostly slept when he was very little but now faces forwards and is fascinated with the trees and woodland. It is a great way to chat to other parents and such a laid-back atmosphere, making us feel so welcome. The tea and cake are a lovely bonus!

Megan, Natures Newborns

Just wanted to say thank you for creating Sunday Club. Our son really loves coming to see you, and it’s not just for the biscuits! He loves having kids like himself to play with, and really enjoys the freedom of being in the woods. He has the opportunity to try new things in a calm, safe environment, and the familiarity of boundaries and you lovely ladies mean he can relax and enjoy himself. Personally, as a parent starting their journey towards a potential ASD diagnosis for their child, I have found a massive benefit in meeting other parents who have already been through the process. Just being open about things with others and finding they have had similar issues stops us feeling so alone. More families need to know about our club and come and join us in the woods soon. Thank you.


Sunday Parent

Simply amazing party today. So good to do something really different. Everyone had such a great time! Thanks again for your help and hard work!


Our students loved the Personal Challenge week with you and came back full of stories and want to do the day again! We would love to work with you again!


Thurston Community College

Whilst planning the 2019 Suffolk Trail Festival, we were looking for something more entertaining for the children to engage in whilst their parents were running. From the moment we met Heidi & Denise we knew that the children would be safe and inspired. Their infectious enthusiasm, knowledge of the outdoors and ability to engage with children and adults, whilst making nature the hero, gave us exactly what we were looking for.

We love working with Wild Play and can recommend them highly.


Organiser of Suffolk Trail Running Festival

Connie’s previous experiences with School Holiday Clubs had not been an enjoyable one, with large group numbers she found the whole experience extremely overwhelming.

Wild Play offered something completely different & with maximum group of 16 per session it seemed like the perfect fit for her.

Heidi & Denise were both so helpful answering all my silly questions and very reassuring – I needed that, thank you.
“Mummy I had the best day, my friend from school was there, but it really doesn’t matter if they don’t go again as I made lots of new friends & Heidi & Denise will always be there”

Wild Play has certainly done wonders for Connie’s confidence and from dreading the school holidays she now looks forward to them because she gets to spend her time in a safe, friendly and magical environment


Denise & Heidi facilitated my little boys 6th birthday party at the weekend and what a party!

The children enjoyed every last minute with some of them saying it’s the BEST party they’ve ever been to! If you’re looking for a party with a difference, then I highly recommend the Wild Play ladies!

Thank you for helping us to create special memories.


Any questions? Email us at info@wildplayltd.co.uk or call us on 07043 219 594 or 07962 080 091